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About the Wavebond Process

Wave~Bond™ Technology offers Plasma-Forged Endurance to even the most dilapidated road structures.  The Wave~Bond™ Process provides strength and durability that conventional methods cannot achieve, at less than half of the cost.

The Wave~Bond™ Process is implemented by a fully modular 'factory' on wheels.  At the heart of the technology is a high voltage, variable frequency, photon emitter called HALO™.  This core electromagnetic device deploys Intelligent Energy. Dilapidated asphalt concrete subjected to this process may, remarkably, be reconstructed to performance levels superior to that of the originally installed pavement material; all achieved at a substantial savings. Prior to the reconstruction, the thermo-electric properties of the old road system are 'mapped', so that the Wave~Bond™ modular unit can be programmed to achieve optimal results.

The Wave~Bond™ Process typically incorporates less than one percent (1%) new material import in the form of a customized, waterborne composite or 100% solids, reactive liquid rubber known as SPARC™ TPESPARC™ TPE is defined as a segment-grafted, radial SBS, terpolymer. It is designed for use in a central mix plant and/or as an ambient, in-situ setting; as is processable as a dual cure, asphalt modifier.

Depending upon the condition of the old pavement, the Wave~Bond™ Process may be non-invasive or involve an onsite, complete removal and replacement.

Heavily stressed pavement characterized by block cracking, shoving and severe profile loss is reconstructed by plasma homogenization, complete granulation, fortification with SPARC™ TPE and reinstalled through an onboard, heated screed and vibratory compaction; without ever being moved more than a few inches from the point of origin.
When utilized in conjunction with SPARC™ TPE, the Wave~Bond™ Process offers several key advantages over conventional repairs:

  • Complete restoration for less than half the cost of conventional repairs.

  • 100% recycled road with minimum new material imports.

  • More than 90% reduction in CO2 emissions.

  • 80% reduction in traffic congestion associated with repairs.

For More Information on the Wave~Bond™ Process watch the following videos.


plasma forged endurance

Asphalt Pavement Localized Repair

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